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Our team has a combined experience of over 14 years. Within the last 4 years we have become one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing schools of trading, as well as having a worldwide student base.

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In Person

A classroom style course and workshop designed for you to learn live and provide an interactive experience allowing you to gain instant feedback and enhance your skills.


Online trading courses can be accessed from your home, common office and any other location. This enables you to learn at your own pace around your current commitments.


What's Included?

Members Videos

Password protected for members only, our students receive access to daily videos centered on our market analysis, trades and materials preparing you to trade...

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We appreciate our students live very busy lives, therefore on the odd occasion you are unable to have access to the computer to access the Astrofx Members Zone, we have...

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Exclusive Package

A professionally crafted Astrofx Box, housing all your Astrofx essentials. Included is:

  • Personalised Astrofx certificate;
  • Astrofx notepad;

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We hold webinars every fortnightly to break down and analyse several currency pairs live with our students. This platform enables students to raise any questions or concerns...

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